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Kali, also known as Arnis or Eskrima, is the martial art of the Philippines. These Filipino Martial Arts emphasize fighting with tools like sticks, knives, swords, improvised weapons, as well as empty hand techniques. It's origins draw from Filipino tribal conflicts, as well as being influenced by Spanish fencing, Malaysian Silat, and other arts. From tribal warfare through the Spanish occupation, up to World War II, Filipino Martial Arts have been used on the battlefield to protect homes and families in the Philippines.

Today, its methods are useful when defending against blades and other weapons on the street. Our expert team at Rebellion MMA is proud to give everyone from the San Diego area the opportunity to engage with this ancient martial art and train with confidence!

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What Makes Filipino Martial Arts Unique?

This program at Rebellion MMA develops skillful fighters through a training progression based on realistic techniques applied in a fun, safe, sparring environment. Students learn sparring drills through progressive resistance that allows them to quickly develop functional Kali / Eskrima skills. Every technique and concept taught at Rebellion MMA has been tested and proven. Training follows a progressive curriculum emphasizing the details so you know what you're learning is valuable.

Filipino Martial Arts will do more than just teach you real-world self-defense. It will enhance your dexterity, your focus, and your hand-eye coordination. And it's one of the most unique and exciting offerings in San Diego!

Join us at Rebellion MMA and gain:

  • Real-world self-defense skills for any situation
  • The dynamics of weapon-based fighting
  • A total-body workout that's fun and exciting
  • Access to an incredible community, right here in San Diego!

Our team at Rebellion MMA is excited to help you learn the intricacies of Filipino Martial Arts. Get started today and see for yourself why people from all over are choosing to train in this storied and exciting martial art!

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Whether you're focused on getting a sustainable workout or on learning real-world self-defense skills, our expert team at Rebellion MMA is here to help you meet and exceed your goals. Get started with Filipino Martial Arts classes today and get one of the best workouts in San Diego while also joining a great community and being empowered with real-world self-defense skills. 

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