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Do you want to get in better shape, but can't bear the thought of another morning on the treadmill? Do you want to burn fat and tone muscle, but find all the machines overwhelming? Are you motivated by group fitness, but find the typical class mundane? At Rebellion MMA, our Boxing classes are the cure for all your workout boredom and intimidation. Join us in San Diego and take on martial arts-style training that will teach you real-world self-defense skills and upgrade your fitness!

You'll get excellent conditioning, build coordination, and gain a solid foundation of boxing skills. It all starts with your first class!

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Whip Yourself Into Shape with Our Boxing Program!

At Rebellion MMA, you'll get into the best shape of your life. Boxing isn't just throwing punches. It's a full-body workout. So while you hone your technique, combining powerful strikes with agile footwork, you'll be losing weight and increasing your flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Our boxing program will help you:
  • Relieve stress
  • Bolster your daily energy
  • Increase your focus, concentration, and clarity
  • Set goals and achieve them

Our boxing classes offer participants all these benefits and more. Our mission is to help people from around San Diego enjoy heightened energy, better fitness, and unshakable confidence... so join us at Rebellion MMA and see for yourself how we're transforming lives through boxing!

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If you are looking for an exciting workout experience to break you out of your mundane fitness routine, why don't you give Boxing at Rebellion MMA a shot? Take the first punch at a healthier, happier life by joining us in San Diego for your first boxing class.

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