Rebellion MMA Reviews

  • Great environment full of students that are more than willing to help each other grow. All the instructors are very patient and break down techniques that make them very comprehensible. I love this place.

    John Lair
  • This place embodies discipline, respect, self motivation & proper technique in MANY different areas of Martial Arts. Instructors are well educated, experienced & constantly growing/learning. It is critical to join a gym where instructors care more about your development than outside opinions or trendiness, like here. Great with kids too - all ages - call about trying a free class you have EVERYTHING to gain nothing to lose. I was totally unfit & over weight but the instructors and the comraderie they teach was so supportive I learned to love exercise, my body and appreciate what I can learn!

    Erika Tunney Ho
  • I've studied many martial arts for a long time. This has been the first place I'm proud to call "home." Beyond that, this is the 1st group of PEOPLE to where I train that I feel that I belong, that they genuinely care... for both myself and for the advancement of my skills.

    There are a lot of offerings for a lot of different interests be it BJJ, Muay Thai, JKD, Kali/Knife/Stick Fighting, Judo, Boxing... the list goes on and the expertise does NOT dilute -- they are VERY expert & professional.

    Every instructor is excellent, patient, understanding, and knows how to push you the right way.

    There are a lot of families represented here as well with a wonderful kids program. I hope to enroll my son when he's of age. There are hobbyists, weekend warriors, and serious competitors.

    We've seen our team members compete at the world championship level (AND, WIN! Yup. We're amongst world champs & they couldn't be more soft spoken about it); and, they could not be more humble on the mat, nor more helpful to beginners.

    I could probably go on all night; but, suffice to say: Professor Jeff Baldwin & his team of instructors have my highest regard, my deepest respect, and my resounding recommendation.

    CHECK THIS PLACE OUT! You will not regret it.

    Ben Fung
  • I was looking for a great Martial Arts studio, and recently found the Rebellion Academy (on the advice of a friend). After having tried classes at 4 others (and visited more), I signed up for Rebellion Academy. I feel like I've learned more actual self-defense in the two weeks I've been training there than in the year I trained in another art some time ago. As a woman, it was important for me to find a place where I could get stronger, and learn some practical self-defense techniques. To my pleasant surprise, Rebellion instructors seem to blend the best of several arts (Jeet Kun Do, Kali, Jiu Jitsu) and a bit little of others to make for very well-rounded training no matter who you are (man, woman, child; tall, short etc). Plus, the atmosphere of collaboration is outstanding! There are students there with a buffet of other martial arts' experiences (w/ backgrounds like black belts in Karate, Tai Kwon Do, Judo, Kick Boxing and others I've forgotten), who've all landed at Rebellion. Everybody helps ones another. Everybody pushes one another to be their best (while egos are left at the door!). If you're looking to really learn martial arts (in a practical way where you could actually defend yourself), if you're looking to challenge yourself, becoming stronger and get in better shape; then you owe it to yourself to visit the Rebellion Academy- which I now declare as the Best Martial Arts training in San Diego!

    Jennifer Dettloff-Carter
  • I can not say enough wonderful things about this place! I am thoroughly impressed by the training that I receive here and absolutely enjoy every minute of it. About a year ago I became interested in learning some form of martial art as self defense. I am a young woman who works outside alone quite frequently and figured that it would be something that I could benefit from all the way around. I began attending a few places and found myself at a couple that will go nameless, one was kickboxing, one was Aikido, and another was Tae Kwon Do. After realizing that, for several reasons, these places weren't exactly a good fit for myself, I had begun to research forms of martial arts that were more personalized and played upon each individual's strengths. (As a woman I am not going to be able to punch as hard as a guy.. so who can teach me what will work with my strengths and my size?) I came across Jeet Kune Do and this is how I found the Rebellion Academy (previously The Harris Academy). The first time you go they give you a private, one hour, lesson with an instructor. When I walked into the academy and saw the guys training I became really nervous and contemplated running for the door. The guys training were so focused and moved as if they had been training for years. The lead instructor, Jeff, who is the owner, was right there in the middle of the guys, completely focused on the students as he walked around them while they trained. The personal attention he gave every student was really appealing yet it did make me a bit more nervous to see because these guys were obviously very serious and good. Fortunately I stayed!! As I said, I met with Ed, who is wonderful. We spent an hour going over the different forms and styles, the things I would learn, and what I wanted to get out of the training. It's now been over two months since that first visit and I can't get enough of the classes. I take Kali and Jeet Kune Do and absolutely love it. The guys are so professional and kind, they give each student personal instruction, and do it in a way that you don't feel as if you stand out or become nervous. As a woman, I was a bit intimidated by pairing up with the guys at first and was concerned they might be bummed out about getting paired with me, but I have, honestly, never, met such a nice group of people. The guys kept reminding me that everyone was a beginner at once and that it is just as good for them to train with different skill levels and people. The first week or two was a bit nerve wracking, as is learning anything new, but the environment and the people are so inviting that I still had a wonderful time. I have since felt myself progress so much that I am actually excited to get to class and pair up with whomever I get and continue to learn and advance. I can not say enough good things about Jeff, Ed, Jean-Claude, and Dan. Whether you're advanced in martial arts or just getting in to it, I absolutely recommend this place!

    Rachel Daigh

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