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Discover How To Give Your Child A Head Start In Life

Are you doing everything you can to:

  • Arm your child to succeed in life?
  • Help them be the best they can be in school?
  • Develop their self confidence?
  • Assist them in developing their unique potential?
  • Learn self-discipline?

Most parents do everything they can to teach these things to their children, but after school many parents need some help. The 2-4 hours that kids spend after school before their parents get home are some of the most important hours in a child's life.

How is your child spending their time After School? Let’s look at this example: The average child spends 3-4 hours somewhere after school before their parents come home. A child in 1st to 7th grade spends about 200 days in school out of the year; this doesn’t even include the 8 hours a day for 2-3 months during the summer. 200 days times 3 hours is 600 hours a year a child spends doing what?

Some go to babysitters.

Some go home and play with their friends doing whatever they want.

Others get into serious trouble.

Not Our Students.

Between the 1st and 7th grade a child spends an average of 4200 hours doing basically nothing productive. This time is more valuable than you know. In 4200 hours you could graduate from college, get your Masters Degree and your Ph.D. So why wouldn’t you let your child spend this valuable time learning skills that will last a lifetime?

When our kids get out of school, their parents know that their child is being trained in real Life Skills. With our busy 21st century schedules, it's hard to find the time and resources to really help them with these important life skills. You would think and expect that they would learn about perseverance, positive mental attitudes, self-discipline and goal setting in school, but they really don't. Students who attend Rebellion Mixed Martial Arts' San Diego Academy have an advantage over others because we teach them about these important life skills and how to develop them to their fullest! They learn success traits that will pay off for the rest of their lives.

If you have a 5 to 13-year-old looking for something to do after school, look no further. Rebellion Muay Thai San Diego After School program will provide your child with structured study time, lessons in Martial Arts, stranger danger, anger management, conflict resolution, 911 awareness, fire safety, and much more. In one of the finest facilities in the country, your child will learn life lessons that will assure a future of success. Wouldn't it be nice to have your child enrolled in a program that is committed to keeping children away from drugs and gangs? Imagine the peace of mind that affords a parent.

Jennifer Dettloff-Carter Happy Student

I was looking for a great Martial Arts studio, and recently found the Rebellion Academy (on the advice of a friend). After having tried classes at 4 others (and visited more), I signed up for Rebellion Academy. I feel like I've learned more actual self-defense in the two weeks I've been training there than in the year I trained in another art some time ago. As a woman, it was important for me to find a place where I could get stronger, and learn some practical self-defense techniques. To my pleasant surprise, Rebellion instructors seem to blend the best of several arts (Jeet Kun Do, Kali, Jiu Jitsu) and a bit little of others to make for very well-rounded training no matter who you are (man, woman, child; tall, short etc). Plus, the atmosphere of collaboration is outstanding!

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